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Our wholesale program is done on a sliding scale. The way it's done is as follows*: orders from $200-$299 get 20% off retail price ($200 is the minimum), 300-$399 gets 30%, and above $400+ gets 35% off. There's a 7% shipping and handling cost (so on a $200 order it'd be $14) and the clothes/totes/pillowcases come tagged with apericots clothing tag (sewn in or stamped) and also retail hang tags. The shops we work with are free to sell the item for whatever they wish (i.e. we have people sell totes for $15 rather than the $11.99 we sell them for).

Have a retail store? Boutique? Online shop? Farmer's market? Apericots would love to be a part of your success, drop us a line and let's get started!

*Subject to change, contact us for details. There are also certain items that are NOT eligible for wholesale. Just contact us and we'll make sure what you want will qualify.

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