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As far as advertising and marketing goes, we are still in our infancy. Yes, Apericots will hit 7 years (7 YEARS!?!) in a couple months, but in those 7 years, how much advertising have we done? Not much.

In fact, our growth has been pretty crazy considering it's been all word-of-mouth and such. But one thing we have tried to do is connect with like-minded people who might review and/or promote Apericots. We've met some amazing people, mostly mom and parenting/lifestyle bloggers, who have been great brand ambassadors for Apericots. Which brings us to the next logical step: Affiliates!

We've been asked several times over the years if we have an affiliate program, and it finally clicked in our brains: We should have an affiliate program! So this post is to let you know, one's coming!

Research shows people are about 8345% more likely (numbers approximate) to buy something if it's recommended from a friend. And it's amazing how often we hear from someone "My mom/sister/friend/brother/uncle/etc bought something from you guys and I loved it so I'm back." Wouldn't it make sense if that mom/sister/friend/brother/uncle/etc who referred you to Apericots got a cut of the sale they were responsible for?

And to those of you new to the concept, that's essentially all affiliate programs are about. You promote Apericots on your blog using a link we give you. If you are responsible for any sales, you get a percentage. You're able to see what traffic and sales you've generated, and we send you money each month.

It's easy for people who are natural "sneezers," as Seth Godin calls us. People who can't help but share about things they love. Whether you post it in a blog, Facebook, Twitter, on a third-party website, etc, we'll be able to track it and pay you for what business you bring. It truly is win-win and it's really, really easy.

So, for those of you who've asked over the years, your wait is over! It's coming soon! If you have a blog or website and would like to earn some money by referring people to Apericots, drop us a line! Or, if you just love what you've bought, drop us a line and turn your passion into cash...(was gonna try to make that rhyme, but no, I won't even try).

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