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Attitude of Gratitude

For those who don't know, Caitlin is an ICU nurse. This means she gets the thrill of life-and-death situations, but also the struggles of everyday nursing. I never knew it before she started her job, but nursing is an often thankless task. It's mentally and physically and emotionally exhausting. For someone as small in stature [...]

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Paved With Good Intentions

I remember the first time I heard the old cliche "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." It was a sweet 85+ year old woman in Christchurch New Zealand who told me. I was 20...I know, I know, most people have heard this by age 3. Maybe I'd heard it before this, but [...]

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Product Reviews: The Agony, The Ecstacy, The Irony...

I'll admit it: I live and die by our product reviews. I check them almost daily, and I am so stoked with every positive one and torn up with every negative one. Because this business is all I do (not quite 24/7, but probably 14/7/365), it feels like every review is, in a way, a [...]

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Our Eternal Struggle With the USPS

Small business is fun and challenging and hard and miserable and gratifying and exciting and redundant and boring and awesome...usually all within the same day. And one thing that makes us here at Apericots happy is meeting so many other cool people who own cool small businesses and make cool stuff. And the knowledge that [...]

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New Colors For 2016

We are so excited to announce that, among all sorts of other awesome things, 2016 has brought 2 new colors to Apericots baby bodysuits!We now have Cream, which is a warm off-white natural color. Previously, we only carried this adorable color in organic bodysuits, and now we have it in non-organic as well!We've also added [...]

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Bye, 2015!

Thanks, 2015! You were a good year and we at Apericots are sad to see you go. In 2015, we made friends around the world. We sent orders to 40 countries. We grew more than we've ever grown. We hand-printed tens of thousands of items. We got to do things and meet people that would [...]

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Growing Painz

Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is more cliche to me than the term "Growing Pains." I've heard and read about it in a million business and motivational books, and it always goes something like this: "Growing is way harder/more stressful/less fun/etc than the lean times..." etc. And I always called rubbish on those statements. Until...It's [...]

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The Hidden Awesomeness of Gift Messages

Especially around this time of year, about 20% of our orders are gifts. This means they don't display prices and most of them include a gift message.Now, don't get me wrong, we don't snoop on gift messages. But since we print the packing slip, we see what is written for the gift message, and it's [...]

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Cyber Monday

Amazing how both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become such a huge part of American (and world? not sure) culture. We've had quite a few emails asking if we're doing anything, and yes, yes we are. Below are our Cyber Monday deals:Starting 11:59 p.m. on 11/29/15 and ending 11:59 p.m. 11/30/15 (PST), here are our [...]

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Holidays Are Here Again

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week! We have sold enough  I Like Pie items to last a lifetime (and couldn't be happier about it!) With that being said (and yes, I already blogged about this same thing less than a week ago), we are just thrilled with how much we are selling right now. It's gratifying [...]

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