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Holiday Stuff i.e. Shipping and Special Requests

I love what's happening right now. Seriously, we have worked so insanely hard this year and it's paying off! Apericots is growing, and we are SO thankful to all our customers and friends for making this happen!That being said, the busyness of our business is not unique. EVERYONE is busy right now, and that includes [...]

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We've Gone Tagless

I have waited to post this (more on that later) but man, we are SO excited. SO EXCITED! We have gone tagless!Now, if that doesn't sound like a big deal, we totally understand, because it's hard to quantify how much better this makes Apericots items. Allow me to explain...Have you seen those awful Hanes commercials [...]

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Thank You All!

So I don't really have any ideas for a blog post...but I was looking over our numbers and we're so happy and proud and lucky and whatever other adjectives work here, because Apericots is growing!All we can say is THANK YOU to our wonderful customers and friends. We love the interactions we have with you, [...]

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Customer Service...Again

So we're pushing 2 years as the owners of Apericots...crazy to think about really. And the more I am reading and learning about small business and entrepreneurship, the more I am convinced that we absolutely HAVE to be the best customer care company that's ever lived. Why? Let me tell you why:Now first, a caveat: [...]

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Happy (Almost) 6th Etsy Birthday to Us!

Just hard to believe Apericots is pushing 7 years old, and our 6th Etsy birthday is happening in just a couple weeks! Now, full disclosure, we only have been running Apericots for nearly 2 years, but the fact that this tiny company has not only survived this long but thrived is pretty awesome. It's a testament [...]

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Misprints, Excess, and Ecommerce Questions

So it's no secret that we at Apericots do things the old-fashioned way. As in by hand, one by one. And we're proud of that, but it does cause issues from time to in:We misprint lots of items. Crooked? Yep. Ink runs? Uh-huh. If this sounds familiar, it's because I already wrote about it here.Anyways, [...]

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Gift Wrap

Surprisingly enough, one of the most common questions we get is if we gift wrap and/or if we can do packing slips with a gift message/no price. The answer is yes, yes, YES! In fact, I sent an email about this last holiday season, so I'm just putting that info below. Gift wrap through Apericots [...]

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The Goldilocks Conundrum

Is it Goldilocks that has food that's too hot, too cold, then just right? (Checking...yes, yes it is). I am not sure the point or moral of that story (is there one?) but I have been stuck in a "Goldilocks Conundrum" lately. (Hold on, I'm congratulating myself for coining the phrase "Goldilocks Conundrum" and I'm [...]

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We Were Featured on Wish...and How Do YOU Advertise?

Our friends at Wish did a feature on us and we are so happy! I don't want to just copy and paste the article (well, I do, but I won't) so be sure to check it out here!For the rest of my Sunday blog (I try and post one per week, but man it gets hard [...]

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I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I bet the most frequently asked question we get (by a HUGE margin) is "Can I get X design on Y item?" Such as this recent exchange (edited for grammar, etc):Customer: Can I get the "More Twinkies" design on turquoise 6 month?Me: (Thinking..."why don't I have that [...]

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