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Life With a Business Vs. Business As Life

Let me preface this times 1,000,000...I LOVE LIFE! I LOVE OUR BUSINESS! THERE IS NOTHING ELSE I WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW (besides travel and somehow make money doing it, but still)...Hopefully I sound like I'm searching for balance (which I am) and seeking similar people to gain advice from (which I am) rather than [...]

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Free USA Shipping On All Orders $75+

We're excited to announce that orders of $75 and above placed on will receive FREE shipping for the foreseeable future! Your shipping will be free at checkout, no promo code needed! This only applies to USA orders (sorry, rest of the world!) Thanks for shopping with Apericots!

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Quality and Mistakes and Such

I know this is going to be SHOCKING news, but as a company that hand-printed over 10,000 items in 2014 alone, we made a few (read: a lot) of mistakes. Smudged ink? Yep. Miscolored prints? Oh yeah. Wrong design printed? Oops. And so it goes.The question I asked myself in the beginning, was "Is it [...]

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Free Shipping on $50+ Orders Through February!

We're excited to announce that orders of $50 and above placed on will receive FREE shipping now through February 28th! Your shipping will be free at checkout! This only applies to USA orders (sorry, rest of the world!) Thanks for shopping with Apericots!

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Among our most frequently-received question, I would bet #1 is some variation of "Can I get (word/design/slight modification/etc) to a certain item?Most of the time, we are delighted that we can say YES! Want an adult tee that says how cool you are? Done. Want an Apericots design in a different color? Done. Want a [...]

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Giving Stuff Away

We're adding SO MANY new products and it's one of the most fun parts of the job. Thinking of a design, creating it, test printing it, and putting it up online is an enjoyable process, and nothing beats the pride we feel to see our ideas start to sell!When we print one-off items, though, that [...]

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Turning Garbage into Gold (Gold Colored Bodysuits, That Is)

One of my favorite things I've learned from one of the (many) books on my "to read" list but that I haven't gotten to yet is the principle of "Turn Garbage Into Sugar" (I hear the real phrase is a bit more explicit, but we sell kids clothes here...). Amazingly, it's from a book by [...]

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First of all I hate talking about "good deeds" or whatever because it always seems to be indulgent self-promotion...but in this case, I want to share for 2 reasons. 1, so people know we are trying to be a good company and that we do try and help our community so they can feel like [...]

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Apericots Sizing Guide

Far and away, one of the top 3 questions we get is "How do your sizes run?" or something along those lines. (Questions 1 and 2 are, naturally, 1) how are you so awesome and 2) why isn't Mitch more famous?) For quite a while we would point people to this listing or that web [...]

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Send Us Your Apericots Photos!

One of my favorite things about this clothing company I used to love (sadly, I think it may be defunct, or at least significantly smaller) was their photo gallery. And yes, it influenced me to buy. I remember browsing their gallery looking at all the cool people wearing cool shirts and wanting to be cooler. [...]

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