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Tutus Are Here and Tutus Are Popular

We try and stay on top of trends in kids clothing, and the current movement is towards all-in-one outfits. So anything that looks like it is a full outfit is popular. Enter the tutu! We are stoked to be carrying these, and it's fun to add new items, particularly when those items sell quickly. Hooray [...]

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Holiday Tips and Tricks

Wow, it's hard to believe it's mid-November. What is happening to time?! It seems like literally yesterday we were sending an email (PS...subscribe to our e-mail list for a maximum of 2 emails per month and get immediate 10% off...with lots of coupons and even more awesomeness!) about summer and now we're un-eagerly anticipating the [...]

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Buy 10, Get One Free!

For years, people have asked for this and now it's here! An Apericots loyalty rewards program!The premise is simple: If you purchase Apericots items, you should be rewarded. And we're thrilled to announce that when you buy 10 Apericots items, you'll get one free, starting with purchases made November 1, 2014! The way it works [...]

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Minding Our C's and Q's

Anybody ever heard the phrase "Mind your P's and Q's"? Growing up, I heard this phrase a lot, and a quick Google search tells me it's pretty universally known (and probably overused everywhere). Wikipedia describes it thusly: "Mind your Ps and Qs is an English expression meaning "mind your manners", "mind your language", "be on [...]

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Slicin' and Dicin'

I've never been so excited regarding Apericots as I am right now. Why, you ask? Many reasons, as follows: First, we're having an AWESOME year. Sales are phenomenal, but I'm more excited about the feedback we've been receiving. I love hearing from customers, and whether good or bad, we're trying to take your feedback and change our [...]

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Wholesale, Baby

Japan. Romania. Australia. Alaska. California. Mexico. What do these places have in common? Someone in each of these places has reached out to Apericots and asked about carrying our products in a retail store or boutique. Flattering? Yes. Were we ready? Not quite...Until now!Well, we're thrilled to announce our wholesale program is happening in full [...]

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Seth Godin and Marketing

I, like anyone else who enjoys business/entrepreneurship/marketing/etc, enjoy reading Seth Godin, whether his blog, his articles I find randomly, or his 2 books I just got from the library. I love discussing business and entrepreneurship (anyone wanna talk?!), and I suppose reading about it is second. Maybe writing this post will help me internalize it [...]

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Never Stop Movin'

We did it! We moved, both our home and Apericots, and nothing was destroyed, broken, damaged, or even dented (except our spines and my ego, of course)!For those of you who don't know, we've been running Apericots out of our home since January 1, and it was TIGHT! (Not tight meaning cool, but tight meaning [...]

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The Value of People

Apericots could not exist without people...(duh, right?). We will never let robots replace people, even though we do have these AMAZING I 3 Robots design(s)...But seriously, we are lucky in the sense that we have great people to help us do our work here. We recently went on an 11-day vacation. Did you notice? Hopefully not! [...]

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Thanks for Everything So Far!

I sometimes blog just to blog. I hear it's good for SEO but it's also nice to try and gather thoughts and say things (or rather, type things) aloud to get them out.Tonight, I have nothing to blog about so I just wanted to say thanks! We recently turned 5, which is amazing. Caitlin and [...]

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