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Customer Care and Caring About Customers

Let me say this: We know Apericots is not always the cheapest option, or the fastest shipping, or whatever. Just like most things in life, there's usually someone doing something faster/cheaper/ where does that leave us to differentiate ourselves?The ONE thing I feel like I'm personally good at is people. I like people. I like [...]

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Gratitude is Raditude

My wife and I got married on the 15th of July. (Yes, happy recent anniversary to us!) One thing we decided shortly after was that every month on the 15th would be our "gratitude day."For us, it's been great. The premise is that on the 15th of each month we try and focus on the [...]

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And Now Introducing...Tatertots Crochets

We have VERY talented little sisters, and we want you to know about them! Just look at this image before we proceed:They have just opened an Etsy shop (link here, or if you want to search on Etsy the shop name is Tatertote Crochets). It's all handmade crochet stuff, like a cupcake outfit, mermaid outfit, [...]

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Cryptocurrencies WHAAAAAAT!?!

One thing I've learned in business is to not shun technology or avoid change. In fact, put in more layman's terms, innovate or die is what I've learned.(Side note...if I fluxuate between "I" and "we" it's because I {Mitch} and my bride {Caitlin} run apericots as a team but it's easier to say "me" and [...]

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Reasons Why People Don't Buy

I am really into this one word...CONVERSION...(caps so you can see how into it I am...)A good e-commerce website usually converts at about 2%. Meaning if 100 people come to your site, 2 will purchase. That's average. Apericots, we're not average...we refuse to be average...we REJECT average! But sadly, our website doesn't realize that yet. We're [...]

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We Overcometh, or, Frustration Mounting

Our printer freaked today...not some lame $50 office printer, I'm talking our big daddy direct-to-garment hi-tech workhorse on which our business fully and wholly depends. What did I do? Naturally, I cried like a child.Ok that's sort of true, but not really. But I was really stressed, as we had 50 orders to get out [...]

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Happiness, Inc (Or Should I Say Happiness Ink...OK I'm Done Here)

I don't know if my purpose on this earth is to make baby clothes. I don't, but it may well be. Hopefully, if it is, I'll do some good along the way with apericots. I do know that the best part of work here at apericots is bringing some small glimmer of happiness to people's [...]

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Juggling, or How I'm Learning to Focus or Something

It is awesome running a business. Really, it's the most fulfilling thing I've ever done (for money). But there's so much to juggle, and I am a sub-par multitasker. In fact, as I write this, there are probably 28 other things I could and should be doing, but I think it's important to share thoughts [...]

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Nice Emails Are Nice

So last night I blogged about our customer care and how (I hope) we're #1, thus providing differentiation. As fate would have it, I got a nice email this morning (quoted in part below). The customer had a package shipped to Malaysia, and there was an issue with it being marked delivered but not actually delivered [...]

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The NBA Playoffs are Inspiring Me

This first round of the NBA playoffs has been NUTS! Like, the best I've ever seen I think. And yes, I may be stretching it, but I have been connecting it to business in my noggin.Basically, the NBA playoffs has been game 7 after game 7, overtime after overtime. The margin of error is tiny, [...]

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