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Growing Painz

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Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is more cliche to me than the term "Growing Pains." I've heard and read about it in a million business and motivational books, and it always goes something like this: "Growing is way harder/more stressful/less fun/etc than the lean times..." etc. And I always called rubbish on those statements. Until...

It's currently 12:35 am. I printed 130 items in the last 30 hours. I slept about 6 hours each night. Every time I ship an order, 2 more have come in. All of our Amazon FBA (stuff we send to Amazon in bulk and they sell for us) is sold out, save a few stragglers. I am ordering inventory from 4 different suppliers as we speak (er, type), because we are using it faster than we're getting it in.

That is to say, things are AWESOME! Our factory house is insane. I haven't done laundry or dishes in days, maybe weeks. I haven't been to the gym in 3 days. Yesterday, I printed for 11 hours, did 4 hours of business maintenance/operation type stuff, then worked on orders for the next day until 12:30am. 

For 2 years, I have worked with an eye towards today. All the countless, mundane hours spent optimizing Amazon keywords and targeting ads and spreadsheet after's all coming to fruition. I have never worked harder or longer than I have over the past 2 years, and to see it all happening is AMAZING!

That being do people do this?! Growing is so much more stressful and more work than I ever thought. I truly thought I was prepared for whatever the holiday season was going to bring...I literally could not have been more wrong. I finally, in my own tiny way, understand that there might be some truth behind the growing pains cliche.

It's still amazing, and makes me happy and gratified and all sorts of other feelgoods. But my goodness, it's crazy. Pure chaos. The good thing is, I now know what it takes, and where I have fallen short. I am going to be so much more prepared for the growth that is surely just hurts a bit while I learn!

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