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Holidays Are Here Again

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I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week! We have sold enough  I Like Pie items to last a lifetime (and couldn't be happier about it!) With that being said (and yes, I already blogged about this same thing less than a week ago), we are just thrilled with how much we are selling right now. It's gratifying seeing something that has become my entire life start to gain some momentum.

Just remember that all shipping services slow down around this time of year and so give your order plenty of time. I'm not even saying just your Apericots order, but any order (aside from the heaven-sent Amazon Prime which ensures 2-day delivery) will probably take a few extra days this time of year. I certainly don't envy our mailwoman or local UPS driver!

Thanks for supporting us. It is SO much fun seeing so many cute people wearing or sporting Apericots (check out our  photo gallery to see what I mean). Thanks for all the feedback, both good and bad, that both motivates us to keep going and elevates our game to a new level. We cannot thank all our friends and customers enough! Have a great week, a fun and safe Thanksgiving, and skip the diet for a few days! 

Happy Thanksgiving, love Apericots

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