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We'll keep this one nice and short. We have a clearance section! We had a big sale and now have some items left over that are just taking up space. We're selling them cheap, so get them while you can! This section will be updated as we have more items to sell cheap, so check it out today!

Product Reviews: The Agony, The Ecstacy, The Irony...

I'll admit it: I live and die by our product reviews. I check them almost daily, and I am so stoked with every positive one and torn up with every negative one. Because this business is all I do (not quite 24/7, but probably 14/7/365), it feels like every review is, in a way, a [...]

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Holidays Are Here Again

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week! We have sold enough  I Like Pie items to last a lifetime (and couldn't be happier about it!) With that being said (and yes, I already blogged about this same thing less than a week ago), we are just thrilled with how much we are selling right now. It's gratifying [...]

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We've Gone Tagless

I have waited to post this (more on that later) but man, we are SO excited. SO EXCITED! We have gone tagless!Now, if that doesn't sound like a big deal, we totally understand, because it's hard to quantify how much better this makes Apericots items. Allow me to explain...Have you seen those awful Hanes commercials [...]

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Happy (Almost) 6th Etsy Birthday to Us!

Just hard to believe Apericots is pushing 7 years old, and our 6th Etsy birthday is happening in just a couple weeks! Now, full disclosure, we only have been running Apericots for nearly 2 years, but the fact that this tiny company has not only survived this long but thrived is pretty awesome. It's a testament [...]

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I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I bet the most frequently asked question we get (by a HUGE margin) is "Can I get X design on Y item?" Such as this recent exchange (edited for grammar, etc):Customer: Can I get the "More Twinkies" design on turquoise 6 month?Me: (Thinking..."why don't I have that [...]

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Free Shipping on $50+ Orders Through February!

We're excited to announce that orders of $50 and above placed on will receive FREE shipping now through February 28th! Your shipping will be free at checkout! This only applies to USA orders (sorry, rest of the world!) Thanks for shopping with Apericots!

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Giving Stuff Away

We're adding SO MANY new products and it's one of the most fun parts of the job. Thinking of a design, creating it, test printing it, and putting it up online is an enjoyable process, and nothing beats the pride we feel to see our ideas start to sell!When we print one-off items, though, that [...]

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Wholesale, Baby

Japan. Romania. Australia. Alaska. California. Mexico. What do these places have in common? Someone in each of these places has reached out to Apericots and asked about carrying our products in a retail store or boutique. Flattering? Yes. Were we ready? Not quite...Until now!Well, we're thrilled to announce our wholesale program is happening in full [...]

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Seth Godin and Marketing

I, like anyone else who enjoys business/entrepreneurship/marketing/etc, enjoy reading Seth Godin, whether his blog, his articles I find randomly, or his 2 books I just got from the library. I love discussing business and entrepreneurship (anyone wanna talk?!), and I suppose reading about it is second. Maybe writing this post will help me internalize it [...]

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