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The Customer is Always Right...Right?

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I've blabbed about customer service probably five times or more in this here blog. So why am I doing it again? Because it's important! And it's been on my mind lately.

See, it's easy to treat our great customers well. People who are nice? Easy. People who say thanks? Great! People who have questions? No problem. It's the difficult ones where a company's true colors begin to show in terms of customer service.

The times when we get angry comments, or the customers who are certain they would receive overnight shipping (we don't offer it), or any number of crazy things that happen. Those are the times when I have to stop, breathe deep, and remind myself that customer service is one of Apericots' pillars. We cannot stop providing great service based on the situation.

It's easy to be nice to your friends, right? When you meet that really annoying kid is when you see how nice you truly are. And so even when we deal with customers who make me want to tear our all my luscious locks (and trust me, these types are rare), I need to provide awesome service. And I'm posting this blog so I can be called out publicly if I fail to provide that service. We love you, awesome customers! And you difficult customers, we will learn to love you too! :D

Customer Service...Again

So we're pushing 2 years as the owners of Apericots...crazy to think about really. And the more I am reading and learning about small business and entrepreneurship, the more I am convinced that we absolutely HAVE to be the best customer care company that's ever lived. Why? Let me tell you why:Now first, a caveat: [...]

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Minding Our C's and Q's

Anybody ever heard the phrase "Mind your P's and Q's"? Growing up, I heard this phrase a lot, and a quick Google search tells me it's pretty universally known (and probably overused everywhere). Wikipedia describes it thusly: "Mind your Ps and Qs is an English expression meaning "mind your manners", "mind your language", "be on [...]

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Thanks for Everything So Far!

I sometimes blog just to blog. I hear it's good for SEO but it's also nice to try and gather thoughts and say things (or rather, type things) aloud to get them out.Tonight, I have nothing to blog about so I just wanted to say thanks! We recently turned 5, which is amazing. Caitlin and [...]

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Customer Care and Caring About Customers

Let me say this: We know Apericots is not always the cheapest option, or the fastest shipping, or whatever. Just like most things in life, there's usually someone doing something faster/cheaper/ where does that leave us to differentiate ourselves?The ONE thing I feel like I'm personally good at is people. I like people. I like [...]

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Happiness, Inc (Or Should I Say Happiness Ink...OK I'm Done Here)

I don't know if my purpose on this earth is to make baby clothes. I don't, but it may well be. Hopefully, if it is, I'll do some good along the way with apericots. I do know that the best part of work here at apericots is bringing some small glimmer of happiness to people's [...]

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Nice Emails Are Nice

So last night I blogged about our customer care and how (I hope) we're #1, thus providing differentiation. As fate would have it, I got a nice email this morning (quoted in part below). The customer had a package shipped to Malaysia, and there was an issue with it being marked delivered but not actually delivered [...]

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