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We'll keep this one nice and short. We have a clearance section! We had a big sale and now have some items left over that are just taking up space. We're selling them cheap, so get them while you can! This section will be updated as we have more items to sell cheap, so check it out today!

The Hidden Awesomeness of Gift Messages

Especially around this time of year, about 20% of our orders are gifts. This means they don't display prices and most of them include a gift message.Now, don't get me wrong, we don't snoop on gift messages. But since we print the packing slip, we see what is written for the gift message, and it's [...]

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Thank You All!

So I don't really have any ideas for a blog post...but I was looking over our numbers and we're so happy and proud and lucky and whatever other adjectives work here, because Apericots is growing!All we can say is THANK YOU to our wonderful customers and friends. We love the interactions we have with you, [...]

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Gift Wrap

Surprisingly enough, one of the most common questions we get is if we gift wrap and/or if we can do packing slips with a gift message/no price. The answer is yes, yes, YES! In fact, I sent an email about this last holiday season, so I'm just putting that info below. Gift wrap through Apericots [...]

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Quality and Mistakes and Such

I know this is going to be SHOCKING news, but as a company that hand-printed over 10,000 items in 2014 alone, we made a few (read: a lot) of mistakes. Smudged ink? Yep. Miscolored prints? Oh yeah. Wrong design printed? Oops. And so it goes.The question I asked myself in the beginning, was "Is it [...]

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Among our most frequently-received question, I would bet #1 is some variation of "Can I get (word/design/slight modification/etc) to a certain item?Most of the time, we are delighted that we can say YES! Want an adult tee that says how cool you are? Done. Want an Apericots design in a different color? Done. Want a [...]

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Turning Garbage into Gold (Gold Colored Bodysuits, That Is)

One of my favorite things I've learned from one of the (many) books on my "to read" list but that I haven't gotten to yet is the principle of "Turn Garbage Into Sugar" (I hear the real phrase is a bit more explicit, but we sell kids clothes here...). Amazingly, it's from a book by [...]

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First of all I hate talking about "good deeds" or whatever because it always seems to be indulgent self-promotion...but in this case, I want to share for 2 reasons. 1, so people know we are trying to be a good company and that we do try and help our community so they can feel like [...]

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Wholesale, Baby

Japan. Romania. Australia. Alaska. California. Mexico. What do these places have in common? Someone in each of these places has reached out to Apericots and asked about carrying our products in a retail store or boutique. Flattering? Yes. Were we ready? Not quite...Until now!Well, we're thrilled to announce our wholesale program is happening in full [...]

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Cryptocurrencies WHAAAAAAT!?!

One thing I've learned in business is to not shun technology or avoid change. In fact, put in more layman's terms, innovate or die is what I've learned.(Side note...if I fluxuate between "I" and "we" it's because I {Mitch} and my bride {Caitlin} run apericots as a team but it's easier to say "me" and [...]

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