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Man...it's been a weird week. Elections are always crazy in the US and this one seemed even more so. I'm not going to give any political views or beliefs (I mean honestly has anyone's ever been changed by a blog post, or a tweet, or a fight, or a riot, etc?) but I just wanted to say that I am still proud to be an American. I love our country. I love traveling and seeing other countries and cultures and people and being able to come home. I love that here in the US, we can protest and blog and complain and vote and do things when we do like our elected officials and do things when we don't. It's cool to think that we have the right to discuss and debate and hopefully civilly disagree when we don't see things the same way. What I'm saying is, despite the way things feel, I think we can still be unified and together and awesome. I think we as people are so much more alike than different. We all want the same things, good things for the future and our children, etc. And I think unity starts with one person deciding to be a little nicer, say something kinder, be a little less harsh, and so forth. Everything that changes has to start with someone, so why not be that someone. I've tried to be a little more open and understanding because the world and the country doesn't need any more hatred and violence. We can't change all things but we can all change something. And if we do, unity may be closer than we think.

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