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The Era of Outrage

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Is it just me, or are people angrier today than ever before? Or, should I say, #ANGRY. Everything is a huge deal, and #everything #has #a #hashtag as if that makes the anger even ANGRIER! #BoycottEverything, and so forth,

Now, there are plenty of reasons to be really angry. I'm not one to tell someone what to be outraged over, but I think there's a lot of things really wrong in the world. Causes which a bit of righteous indignation might bring some change.

But how many times have you seen someone berate a waiter for some small mistake? Or road rage? Or, just get on social media and see how many people are furious over EVERYTHING. It seems like a lot of energy expended, but that's just me.

All I'm saying is, I hope Apericots hasn't contributed to any of this fury. Sad but true, we make mistakes. We misread orders, and sometimes we send an "uncle" instead of an "aunt" design. Or the wrong size. Or color. Or 1 instead of 2. So it goes. (Yes, Vonnegut reference alert!)

Now, we've improved our processes to improve these mistakes. And, crazy enough, we've never had someone absolutely freak out. We've had frustrated customers, sure, but never anything too nuts. And we are SO grateful for that. Maybe we just have awesome customers?! (We do). 

But I'm sure there's a million other small businesses who aren't so lucky. I can only imagine how a crazy mean customer would make a bad day worse. And the same for the berated waiters, or all the other people who get freaked out on. 

So let's all just chill. We can survive getting cut off, or getting the wrong order, or whatever. Let's save our #outrage for causes that really need it.

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