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The Good in the World

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I don't know if you're like us, but between awful politics, disgusting violence, and general hatred in the world, it feels a bit dark sometimes. Like everything sucks and good people are few and far between and like the bad is taking over, right? Well we had an experience that has really stuck with us this week and it's been on our minds enough that we wanted to share it with our one loyal reader (hi mom). 

By means of disclosure, I (Mitch) am telling this story from my perspective. I am not at all trying to interject myself or Apericots into the story because we have done next to nothing, so please ignore anything about me/Apericots and focus on these amazing people.

The other day, I was looking through our orders on Amazon and noticed that one was sent to the Ronald McDonald house in California. I was curious, so I Googled the name and happened upon the story of Hana Yago. I can't even do her story justice, so please just check out her website, but she's an adorable and brave little girl who had a heart transplant and we immediately were drawn to her story.I sent an email to the person who had sent Hana the shirt, and that's how we met Gina. Gina is a talented artist but we didn't know this yet, all we knew is that she had sent Hana a shirt and we wanted to do the same. So Gina put us in touch with Hana's family and we were able to send her something. (She looks so cute in it, check this video to see her in the "Tiny But Mighty" tee).

We emailed Gina back and forth just essentially saying thanks for sending Hana this shirt and letting us do the same, and we came to find out Gina is an artist (seriously, check her site linked above) and had just raised $3,000 for Donate Life, a charity that works with organ donation, to help people just like Hana. 

So raising $3k on its own is pretty amazing. She sold limited-edition prints of a painting of Hana, and that is an incredible amount of money. But the aspect of the story that, to me, is the most inspiring? Gina and Hana have never met. Never. Met. Gina has met Hana's aunt, but not Hana or Hana's mother (yet).

Essentially, whether you call it fate, call it karma (a Strokes song title, by the way), or call it whatever, Gina's sister and Hana's mother had connected, Hana's mom had bought Gina's art, and Hana's mom helped inspire Gina and her art when she needed it most. Gina, in turn, being inspired by the thoughtfulness of Hana's mother, painted Hana and raised the money. It's one of those "Sometimes the world isn't so big" stories. I know I butchered it badly, but the point is this: an incredibly talented artist raised $3,000 for a charity on behalf of a tot she hasn't actually met yet. 

More than anything, the story has stuck with me as one of those everyday goodness type stories. It hasn't made the news (to my knowledge) or gotten a ton of publicity, but Gina, instead of sitting around saying the world sucks (which I do pretty much daily) went out and did some good. A lot of good. And it made us so happy to even know the story, to follow the journey, and to hopefully be a bit better as people and as a company. We want and need to do nice things, both as individuals and as a company, and this story was the kickstart we needed. Thank you Gina, and Hana, you rock!

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