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The Hidden Awesomeness of Gift Messages

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Especially around this time of year, about 20% of our orders are gifts. This means they don't display prices and most of them include a gift message.

Now, don't get me wrong, we don't snoop on gift messages. But since we print the packing slip, we see what is written for the gift message, and it's actually surprisingly heartwarming and occasionally hilarious.

Most gift messages are simply "For ______, love _______, enjoy!" But sometimes we see messages that are funny, cute, bizarre, and yes, sometimes even sad.

We've sent gifts for weddings, births, birthdays, and even deaths. We've seen messages of joy (new baby), gentle teasing (over-the-hill gifts), and occasionally even grief (deaths, sickness, etc). Each gift message we read helps us envision that the items we are printing go to real people rather than just faceless "consumers." 

We see all sorts of nicknames and pet names and bizarre names. We see uncles (like me), not sure what exactly to send with the businesslike "Here you go, new baby. From Uncle." We see aunts (like Caitlin) who know EXACTLY what to send, with messages like "OMG I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED TO MEET THE LITTLE ONE PLEASE GIVE HIM THESE 15 ITEMS AND KISS HIM 5,000 TIMES FOR ME I WILL SEE YOU THIS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And we see everything in between. 

We've even seen the occasional "Don't know you, but I heard your child is sick. Hope she loves this." We see messages that seriously restore faith in humanity (even if we also see enough bizarre ones that we sometimes question humanity's sanity). 

More than anything, we just want to say thanks for being you. Thanks for all your silly names and funny messages, because it makes us smile. It makes us realize that, in some tiny way, we are contributing to someone's happiness. And that seriously makes all the difference to us.

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