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Privacy Policy


To simplify the document Apericots will be announced as ("Apericots" or "we") throughout the rest of this privacy policy. The web site visitor will be known as ("you") throughout the rest of this privacy policy. If you have questions please contact us by clicking here if you have any questions.

Required Details:

Throughout some of the forms you may be asked by Apericots to provide details such as name, comments, phone, e-mail etc. We will in NO WAY SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THIS INFORMATION. This is to be used only by Apericots companies, and will not be shared to any third party companies unless prior permission is given. If you are obtaining a service or sale resold by Apericots we will share and give this information out to fulfill the order only.

Navigation Links and Third Party Information:

Apericots web site can include navigational reference, content, and other items received from third parties, and other Apericots sites. This information usually is copyrighted by that company, and we are in no way responsible for what the company posts, receives, delivers, or broadcasts. We do not allow any sites that could contain spyware, or spam onto any of our links to the best of our knowledge.

Change Notification:

This policy may change from time to time as Apericots changes. We will always post new revisions here, and if you have any questions or concerns you may always contact us. Most adjustments to the terms will be small, however you are always incouraged to view the policy statement when visiting our site. New posts to the privacy policy. You may always visit this on our site.

Our Use of Cookies:

Cookies is referring to information that is stored from the internet browser. We only use a few php scripts that use cookies. One being help center live, and the other being OSCommerce. These are mainly to store statistical information, usename, and your password. If you have a problem with the cookies on our site please disable them in your browser.

Customer Support:

If you need customer assistance we may track e-mails, support tickets, phone calls, and any other mediums of communication. We do this to improve quality of service, and to help verify records of transactions, and support requests. This information as with all personal information will stay only inside Apericots records.


Apericots will use IP addresses, browser types and access times to analyze site statistics to optimize our systems, and improve server performance. We also will use this information to market specific regions in which seem to have the most appeal to the product or services we provide.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy statement, or any other requirement please visit the contact us page for more information.

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