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We've Gone Tagless

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I have waited to post this (more on that later) but man, we are SO excited. SO EXCITED! We have gone tagless!

Now, if that doesn't sound like a big deal, we totally understand, because it's hard to quantify how much better this makes Apericots items. Allow me to explain...

Have you seen those awful Hanes commercials (mostly with Michael Jordan) where the tag talks and ends up getting torn out and thrown away? Unless I'm totally missing some hidden subplot, Hanes has spent a LOT of money to tell the world they no longer have tags. And that got the slow, rusted gears in my head spinning. If people don't like tags...maybe...we shouldn't have them...? (Something like that)

Caitlin, always the brains behind Apericots, told me we should look into getting our items stamped instead of tagged. Naturally, I protested. Our tags look awesome! We don't get complaints about tags, so it must be all good! Etc. Plus, we're a tiny company, how could we afford to do things that big expensive companies do?

Then she showed me something interesting. All my Apericots shirts (yes, I wear nothing but stuff I print) had the tags me. And she showed me a bunch of her nicer brand shirts/dresses/etc and they ALL had printed labels, not tags. Every single one. And I began to see luxury brands = tagless. So we made a fairly significant investment to make this happen, and the feedback has been literally 100% positive. I'm amazed what a huge difference this has made with customers!

All that being said, not EVERY SINGLE Apericots item will be tagless. This is because we still have tagged inventory, and at times we use a secondary supplier which cannot print our labels. So for all this excitement, please don't hiss and scream if your item does have a tag. But MOST are now tagless, and for that we are so, so excited!

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